Picture from the "Curbstomp song". Credited to SamuraiPenguinStudio.

A curb stomp is a term used to describe a highly one sided versus debate. Some the term BoloStomp is used to describe a highly one sided battle as well. Other usage of the is a suffix ____stomp, used to say the battle is a curbstomp, while also listing the side that is doing the stomping.

It also has a song briefly describing it. Credited to SamuraiPenguinStudio.

These are often fodder for debates in the Versus Forums (going every which way). A good historical example would be the 1990 Gulf War, in which Coalition forces routed the Iraqi army and caused 20,000-35,000 casualties for the loss of 248 killed in action. [1]

Vlad Tepes AwardEdit

A reference to Vlad the Impaler , this award is often given to a thread starter or OP who has created a battle so one-sided and brutal that Vlad Tepes himself would give you an award for cruelty.


The Vlad Tepes Award photo. This picture will likely be posted if a SB member decided the other poster deserves it.

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