The picture of Cool Guy's Galaxy-X Starship Destroying Big Steve's Eclipse class Star Destroyer. This picture was the beginning of the entire OBS.

On November 19th, 1999, Cool Guy unleashed OBS onto Space Battles. This was a thread that soon took the record of having the most replies, and with a barrage of pictures, it brought everyone's then 56k modems to their knees. The shear volume of images, densely packed into each page crashed web browsers and the number of replies crashed the thread itself as the board software was not able to cope with such numbers. To this day, OBS is the only thread to crash the forums due to enormity.[1]

OBS was an attack on the notorious Big Steve, hence the name: Ohhhhhh Big Steve. Details of the entire OBS and it's successors can be found at the OBS Memorial Page .

In OBS, there was only one rule: pictures remained supreme. The firepower of one's ship only depended on one's processing power, and survivability depended imagination. Putting 1000 galaxies on the screen and then blowing them up was commonplace; as was forgetting to render a followup picture allowing the opponent to squirm out of it. The war eventually turned into one of words, creating a Story Debate and marking the departure of most who were on the front-lines in the beginning. It was the first thread of its kind, and the date of its creation is what separates newbies from members.

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