Of the three debate forums, the Vs. Debate forum is the second most popular forum, and it is the third most popular forum overall. The Vs. Debate forum, or Vs. forum, is home to almost 1.5 million messages in 58,500 threads. Perhaps the forum where SB started, Vs. Debates is the core of the Spacebattles philosophy. Stack some things up, and have at it! Imperial Star Destroyer vs. the Enterprise-D? Captain America vs Batman? You name it, we've probably argued over it.

The hallmark of the Vs. forum is the emphasis on proving claims with direct sources and, when necessary, calculations. Debates on what constitutes canon are frequent, and minor differences in the validities of two conflicting sources can frequently decide an argument.

Many of the same strategies apply to just analyzing what one group is capable of, without fighting them against someone else. This, and more advanced and speculative technology development, is done in Sci-Fi Technical Debates.

One final note: never, under any circumstances, ask a question following the format, "how many x would it take to y?" The answer you receive will invariably be, "One, at sufficient velocity."

Versus Debating[edit | edit source]

  • Dialogue or Visuals?
  • Calculating From Visual Effects

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